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Simply Health and Wellness is a multidisciplinary wellness centre in Dural, NSW. We are passionate about your health and wellness and offer a comprehensive approach to your health requirements. Our range of natural therapies include Massage, Chiropractic, Holistic Health Coaching, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki and Energetic Healing..

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Dr. Kathie Cole – Chiropractor

Dr. Kathie grew up in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.  As a child, Dr. Kathie began developing her interest in the body through ballet and soccer, and all the injuries that accompany them!

Dr. Kathie will be on maternity leave from mid June 2019

Her parent’s chiropractor encouraged all the children they met to grow up and become chiropractors, and having grown up witnessing the many benefits chiropractic brings to families, Dr. Kathie finished school and started studying chiropractic.

After five years of intensive study at Macquarie University, Dr. Kathie graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master in Chiropractic.  She has since worked in Eastwood, Merrylands, Dural and Dee Why and has now returned to the team at Simply Health and Wellness, Dural.

During her time in practice, Dr. Kathie developed a particular interest in caring for families, from babies all the way to grandparents and actively pursues additional education in these areas.

Dr. Kathie believes in a holistic approach to chiropractic.  Her clients learn not only to take care of their spine after their initial concern has been looked after, but are also able to learn how to improve their posture, diet and exercise habits, and learn techniques to help manage stress in their lives.

When Dr. Kathie isn’t caring for her clients, she loves spending time in the sunshine with her family, or curled up with a cup of tea reading a good book!

To find out how Dr. Kathie can help you, come in for a chat or call us on

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Dr. Disha Bhuta – Chiropractor

Dr. Disha loves to work with whole body kinematics, and how they contribute to injury. As a high level tennis player, Dr. Disha has seen complex and multifaceted injury and dysfunction both as a patient and as a Chiropractor. It was her exposure to sporting injury as a young athlete that drew her to a career in Chiropractic.

Dr. Disha’s treatment focuses on identifying the interactions and contributions of all structures that are contributing to an injury or dysfunction. She focuses her unique therapeutic skills on the causative factors of a problem to maximise recovery rates through a blend of hands-on therapy as well as exercise therapy.

To find out how Dr. Disha can help you, come in for a chat or call us on

(02) 9651 5559 today.