Sports Massage

For clients who are professional athletes or exercise regularly, a sports massage is a highly beneficial treatment aimed at reducing the amount of stress in soft tissues, stimulating the muscles and stretching the limbs so you can perform at your athletic peak. Simply Health and Wellness offer professional sports massage in Dural for local residents, as well as those living in the surrounding suburbs of Glenhaven and Castle Hill.

What Is Sports Massage Therapy?

When we exercise or engage in sports frequently, the soft tissues in our body can accumulate stress and tension leading to soreness and an increased risk of injury if left untreated.

A sports massage works to reduce this build-up by manipulating the deep tissues and muscles in the body and making it easier to move freely and prevent further damage down the road.

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Some of the top benefits of receiving a sports massage include:


Stretching the body to improve flexibility


Preventing muscle soreness after exercise


Decreasing swelling


Increasing blood circulation


Improving heart rate and blood pressure


Alleviating pain caused by sports-related injuries


Preventing further sports-related injuries

What Does Sports Massage Therapy Involve?

Unlike a typical Swedish massage that’s designed to help your body relax with gentle strokes, a Sports massage will often be more vigorous and involve deeper, faster strokes and applied pressure to the problem areas.

The focus is always on the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Our highly qualified and experienced massage therapists use a range of effective techniques to achieve amazing results, such as Facilitated Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.

The aim is to stimulate tired, stressed muscles and joints, repair tissue damage and fast-track the healing process so you can get back to exercising quicker.

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Why Do We Offer The Best Massage In Dural?

We have an unbeatable reputation in Sydney as an exceptional family-oriented practice who take care of sports enthusiasts from children to adults. We’re passionate about your health and wellbeing and strive for incredible results based on proven techniques and strategies each and every time.

When you come to our clinic for a deep tissue massage in Dural, we’ll guarantee:

  •       Professional, highly qualified practitioners
  •       A holistic approach to health care that focuses on the entire being
  •       A clean, safe environment with a calming atmosphere
  •       Personalised treatment plans for every individual
  •       Friendly customer service
  •       Your privacy respected
  •       A wide range of therapies to reduce pain and stress, including
    chiropractic services, remedial care, prenatal care and natural therapies

We’ll Help You Keep Active And Stay Active

At Simply Health and Wellness, our primary goal is to get you moving better and living life to the fullest. We believe that massage therapy plays a big role in keeping our bodies fit and able to carry us through our busy lives without pain or stress.

This is even more true if you love sports and lead an active lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a sports massage in Dural, give our lovely team a call today! We’ll work with you to achieve your goals and give you all the support you need to keep active and stay active.

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