Are you experiencing nerve pain?

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Our bodies send information along our nerves to communicate to our brains what is going on in our bodies and allows the brain to tell the body what to do in response. Did you know how fast this information can travel?

Up to 120 meters per second (that’s over 400km per hour)!

Some nerves can transport information around or bodies faster than others depending on a few factors such as diameter, distance and whether it is covered in a myelin sheath.

Sometimes we can experience nerve pain due to injuries, stress or deficiencies which may heal on their own or require some assistance to get rid of.

Signs that your nerves need help:

  • Pain
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Sensitivity
  • Twitching

How can you protect your nerves?

Stay mobile: reposition regularly when sitting at work or while watching the tv and try gentle exercises such as yoga to gain strength and improve your flexibility. Staying active keeps our bodies circulating and reduces the pressure on our nerves.

Check your nutrition levels: getting a blood test to check the levels of certain vitamins and minerals can help to identify any deficiencies which may lead to nerve pain such as Vitamin B6 and B12 deficiencies.

Lift well: when lifting heavy items or weight at the gym make sure to light with your legs to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back and other limbs which can contribute to the pain.

Good sleep positioning: sleeping in poor positions such as sleeping on top of your arms, can place a lot of pressure on your nerves resulting in pins and needles and numbness when you wake.

Ways a Chiropractor can help:

Your chiropractor can perform an assessment of your pain and guide you to the right form of treatment.

Treatment often involves spinal or joint manipulation to relieve the pressure on your nerves and ease the pain.

Massage therapy is also helpful in loosening tight muscles which can occur alongside nerve pain.

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