Be Mindful in May

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Our mindset and way of thinking are important in determining how we feel throughout the day. Starting our day with mindfulness can help us to focus less on our negative thoughts and more on being present and positive for the day.

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What are the benefits of being mindful?

Mindfulness can help to:

  • Make you feel calm and relaxed
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress
  • Encourage sleeping for longer and better quality of sleep
  • Regulate the emotions you are currently feeling
  • Reduce the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed
  • Increase concentration and productivity

By doing these things, mindfulness can allow you to perform at your best!

How can we be mindful?

Mindfulness can be done in many different ways and usually involves focusing on a specific task and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings in that moment.

You can try mindfulness simply by giving yourself time to sit with your thoughts and stay present with how you are feeling, allowing your thoughts to come and go without feeling any judgement or attachment to specific thoughts and allowing your mind to relax. It may be hard to do so at the start, but over time it will become a easier.

You could also try meditation

Meditation focuses on breathing as a way to keep us present in the moment and not get carried away by the many thoughts popping into our minds. One way to do this is to start in a comfortable position and while keeping track of your breathing, begin to focus on different aspects of your body such as your legs or arms. Any time you start getting preoccupied by your thoughts, focus back on your breathing and the way the air is moving in and out of your nose and mouth and the way your body naturally moves as you breath.

This is a way to reconnect your brain to your body and leaves you feeling more relaxed and at ease.

When should we be mindful?

You can practice mindfulness at any time of the day! It is particularly helpful to do it when you begin to feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions, to help regulate them and destress. Also, it can be helpful to perform mindfulness at the beginning of the day to start your morning positively and also at the end of the day before bed to ease your worries in order to have a good night sleep.

Try this morning routine bingo to start your day off in a positive way.

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