Get to Know- ALISON

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Get to Know The Therapists

If you haven’t already- Meet ALISON

Alison is one of our very talented Remedial Massage Therapists.

Here are 10 things to get to know ALISON.

  1. What inspired you to get into this industry? I have always been interested in Complimentary Therapies, but my Mother in Law is a Naturopath and introduced me properly into this industry. I realised I wanted to help people like she does.
  2. How do you like to relax? I like to bake, listen to music, and drink a glass or two of red wine, or combine all three for the ultimate!
  3.  What is your favorite Muscle & Why? Trapezius. It has such a big job to do and it just keeps on keeping on, getting it all done. Though sometimes it does have a whinge, and that’s where we come in!
  4. What is your favourite activity? Hanging out with my family
  5. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why? Louise Hay, because she is an amazing and inspirational teacher and person.
  6. If you weren’t an amazing Massage Therapist- What would you be? Why thank you! I would be either a counsellor or a naturopath.
  7. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Be kind and compassionate. Always.
  8. What do you like best about doing massage? I love seeing people leave the room feeling better than when they came in. More relaxed, more empowered, and in less pain.
  9. What is your favorite indulgence? Chocolate. Of any kind. I don’t discriminate. Except fruit and nut. Fruit has no business being in chocolate.
  10. Why do you love working at Simply Health & Wellness? Simply Health and Wellness is a professional, yet down-to-earth place to work. I am supported, respected and encouraged. What more could you ask for?J

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