Walking For Health

Written by rebeccah

It’s Walk to Work Day!

Walking for just 30 minutes every day has been linked with a variety of different health benefits.

Animated image of people walking outdoors on green grass with a blue sky and brown and green trees. On the left two older women walking together. In the centre, a woman walking in pink exercise clothing. On the right, a parent and two children holding hands.

So what is walking helpful with?

  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Building and strengthening your muscles – helping to relieve the strain on your joints.
  • Boosting your mood and improving your mental health.
  • Encourages better quality of sleep.
  • It may reduce your cravings for sugary foods.
  • Easing joint pain.
  • Reducing your risks of developing many conditions such as heart disease, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
  • Reduces your risks of fractures by increasing bone density.
  • Keeps your mobile for longer as you age.

How can we include more walking in our lives?

Start slow and increase your speed and duration over time.

  • Getting off the bus early to walk further to work.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Walking to the shops instead of driving.
  • Taking the dog for a walk.
  • Going for a walk on your lunch break.
  • Keep yourself motivated and held accountable by finding a friend who likes walking or wants to start.

Walking more has you feeling sore?

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