Healthier Alternatives for Kitchen Staples

Written by rebeccah

Looking for healthier options for your favourite kitchen ingredients?

We’ve put together some alternatives that you’ll love.

Try out these staple options:

  • Dark chocolate: instead of milk chocolate
  • Quinoa or brown rice: instead of white rice
  • Greek yoghurt: instead of sour cream, ice cream or other yoghurts
  • Goat cheese: instead of low-fat cheeses
  • Plain oatmeal: instead of flavoured, instant oatmeal
  • Avocado: instead of jam, cheese or mayonnaise
  • Corn tortilla: instead of flour tortillas
  • Olive oil spread: instead of butter or margarine
  • Whole fruits: instead of fruit juice
  • Popcorn or kale chips: instead of potato chips
  • Whole wheat pasta: instead of white pasta
  • Chickpeas: instead of meat, white flour, or artificial dips
  • Jackfruit: instead of meat
  • Zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash: instead of pasta
  • Flax seeds, chia seeds, or almonds: instead of bread crumbs

Try to swap out some of these kitchen staples with their healthier options!

Taking it slow is key, start with one and make more changes as you go.

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