Is it time to Replace your Pillow?

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Could your pillow be affecting how well you are sleeping? How to know when (and why) it might be time to replace your pillow…..

How to know if it is time for a new pillow?

Think about when you woke up this morning – how did you feel?

  • Did you wake up with a sore neck, shoulders, jaw or headache?
  • Did you wake up feeling not as refreshed as you’d like?
  • Did you have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in?
  • The last time you went away, did you sleep better than you do at home?
  • Is your pillow more than 18 months to 2 years old? (If your pillow is more than 2 years old, we encourage you to replace it for health reasons, as you are laying on 2 years of dust mite dirt, dead skin cells, and dried drool….. Ick!)

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it could be time to think about replacing your pillow!

A comfortable and supportive pillow is a key component of how well you sleep!

Did you know that poor sleep can lead to:

  • Reduced work or academic performance
  • Strained relationships (personal and professional)
  • Increased risk of accidents (car, workplace etc)

How your Pillow plays an important role in how well you sleep

When the head and neck are well supported the shoulders tend to remain square and this position is repeated through the lower back and pelvis. Sleeping on your side allows the body to maintain a neutral posture which is the ideal position for the spine, allowing the nerves and spinal cord to be in a state of minimal tension.

Think it might be time for a new pillow? Come and chat with Dr. Gabie (Chiropractor) about how your pillow might be affecting your sleep, your neck and your health!

A note about pillows for children – We all know that sleeping well plays a huge role in how well children feel, behave and act. Did you know that over 50% of all Australian children’s pillows are passed down from an older child or adult? Could it be time you replaced your kid’s pillows as well?

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