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It’s International Men’s Mental Health Week!

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11% of men have put off seeing a doctor even after noticing changes in their health, out of fear their symptoms might indicate a serious health problem.

Men often face different barriers than women to take care of their health. These can include:

  • ignoring the issue
  • waiting too long before seeking help
  • stigma around seeming weak to accept help
  • unsure of how to discuss health issues and where to go for help

Facts about men’s health:

Men’s life expectancy is shorter than women’s, at 78.9 years and 84.5 years, respectively, in 2020.

So how can we improve men’s health?

  • Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fibre rich foods and limit the amount of processed, fried and artificial foods you eat.
  • Stay moving by exercising (such as walking, swimming or playing a game of soccer) even for 30 minutes a day.
  • Protect your skin from UV damage to decrease your risk of developing skin cancer.
    • Slip on covering clothing.
    • Slop on SPF 50+ sunscreen.
    • Slap on a hat.
    • Seek shade.
    • Slide on a pair of sunglasses.
  • Avoid smoking and other drugs.
  • Limit alcohol intake to a maximum of 2 drinks per day.
  • Take the time to do things you enjoy to improve your mental health such as meeting up with friends, watching sports, playing with your dog or starting a new hobby.
  • Try to find a GP you feel comfortable enough with to discuss any concerning symptoms and get regular checks for heart health, prostate or colon cancers.

Reach out to men and boys in your close family and friend circles and within the broader community to check in with their physical and mental health and to support them when seeking help.

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