Benefits of Living Meat Free

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Going meat and animal-product free can provide a variety of health benefits, save our animals and protect our planet!

What makes food vegan?

Vegan food refers to anything that does not contain meat or any ingredients which are made by animals.

This includes animal meats (such as chicken or pork), seafood, eggs, cow’s milk and dairy products containing ingredients produced by animals such as cheese, butter and ice cream. 

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What can be used as meat alternatives?

They’re are plenty of substitutes you can include in your meals in replacement of animal products. It’s becoming increasingly common to find plant-based versions of products including milk (oat, almond, soy and coconut milk), yoghurt, cheese and even “meat” in your local supermarkets. 

Other good substitutes for protein in your diet include:

  • Soy products
  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth seeds
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

In addition to protein its important to make sure you’re including enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can try adding:

  • Leafy greens, tofu, wholegrains, legumes and dark chocolate for iron
  • Almonds, dark leafy greens, tahini, legumes and fortified foods for calcium
  • Soy products, mushrooms, fortified foods and some vegetarian “meats” for vitamin B12.
  • Wholegrains, nuts, tofu, legumes and miso for zinc

What are the benefits of going meat free?

There are a variety of health benefits associated with reducing your meat and animal product consumption, including:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved weight management
  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Improved kidney function
  • Increased immune function
  • Reduced risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

Try going meat and animal-product free this veganuary!

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