Chiropractic Benefits

Written by rebeccah

Chiropractic care is becoming more and more common, but do you know what we can help with?

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How can chiropractic care help you?

  • Relieving pain in your joints such as your back, knee or neck.
  • As a result, you become less reliant on pain relief.
  • Treating misalignments in your spine can improve your posture.
  • Relief for tension headaches.
  • Possibly reduce symptoms of other conditions such as osteoarthritis or scoliosis.
  • Increase the mobility in your joints.
  • Prevents injuries.
  • Maintenance to keep your spine healthy.

So when should you see a chiropractor?

You should receive care from your chiropractor when you:

  • Are experiencing pain in your joints,
  • Suffer from an injury at work or during exercise,
  • Experience whiplash such as from a car accident,
  • Have poor range of motion,
  • For preventative care for athletes,
  • or as general health care to maintain a healthy skeletal system.

If you are experiencing any of these, make an appointment with our Chiropractor Dr Kathie Cole here or call us on 9651 5559.

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