Did you know most of us are missing the most important part when exercising? Not a gym Junkie – You could still be at risk!

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Here’s the big misconception, while we strive to get fitter and stronger, we often forget that one of the most important parts of exercising is stretching!

When we fail to incorporate some stretching in our fitness routines, it can lead to many problems within the body. The muscles become tight, leading to joints losing mobility and a decrease in range of motion as well as leading to an increased risk of injury.
Its all about balance, between strengthening muscles and creating flexibility in them too.

Some simple tips to help you incorporate stretching & flexibility into your routine:

  • Stretch as often as possible- Set up a routine that will ensure you are consistent, Morning, Lunch Time and Afternoon – Whenever you have some time or take a stretch break at work
  • Hold your stretch for 45-60secs – this allows enough time for the muscle fibres and nerves to make a change
  • Move slowly into each stretch– avoid bouncing
  • Stop if it hurts – Stretching should feel good- go until you feel a slight tension in the muscle, if it starts to get too painful, back off.

When we sit for long periods of time or have a fixed posture, our muscles can become chronically short and tight leading to many joint and spinal problems. Having a slouched posture leads to a decrease in shoulder movement and unbalancing of muscle groups which can lead to impingement’s, tendinitis, overuse and instability. Another common postural fault is sitting for too long, causing our hip flexors to contract and shorten, which can lead to a decrease in flexibility in the lower back causing pain and increasing risk of injury.

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