What Is Energetic Healing??

Energetic Healing is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing which provides a natural way of restoring balance and harmony to the subtle energetic communication system, the root cause of any discomfort.  The practitioner facilitates a healing response in a client through a variety of gentle, non-invasive modalities and techniques.

Energetic Healing is also a wonderful support to other forms of medical treatment. Our Energetic Healer has supported people with a variety of health concerns and can definitely help you with yours!


Energetic Healing Can Help You:

  • Feel more aligned
  • Beat stress
  • Restore mental and emotional balance
  • Clear any energy ‘blocks’
  • Enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Greater clarity of mind


Why do I need an Energetic Tune Up?

Our subtle energy fields are quite sensitive and can be influenced by every thought, emotion, activity and our environment. Stress from anyone of these influences can cause disharmony in our energetic system. Regular work with an energetic healer can help to restore balance before disharmony results in dis-ease!