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Do you experience swollen and painful joints? Do your knees, hips and knuckles feel like they are on fire? Are you finding it harder to be active and agile? These complaints are common symptoms of arthritis.


While there are many different types of arthritis (from the Greek arthon, meaning joint, and it is meaning inflammation), the most common type is osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is a debilitating condition that is commonly seen in middle aged and older people; the pain and reduced mobility can make simple, everyday tasks more and more challenging and severely impact quality of life.

Osteoarthritis commonly targets the hips and knees, as well as the smaller joints in the spine and fingers.  Unfortunately by the the time you are feeling uncomfortable the damage has already been done.

Quality nutrients can help reduce and manage the symptoms of arthritis more effectively, enabling you to keep doing the things you love to do!


Nutrients to Take for Your Knees and Hips


These nutrients below are a great way to provide therapeutic benefits to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation in your joints:

  • Glucosamine: Glucosamine is a building block for your joints.  It may stimulate the production of substances which lubricate the joint and act as shock absorbers.  It encourages the rebuilding of cartilage that has been damaged and can be used as long term support to protect against joint degeneration.
  • Gelatin: Gelatin supports healthy joint structure and connective tissue repair.  Gelatin may help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis and reduce requirements for pain relief medication. Some suffered of osteoarthritis noticed an increase in mobility and strength in their knees after commencing gelatin supplementation.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): MSM is a naturally occurring nutrient found in small amounts of fruits and vegetables.  It has both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is an essential building block for joints and cartilage. Combining glucosamine and MSM has been shown to be more effective than using either nutrient alone, giving greater reductions of pain and swelling related to osteoarthritis.
  • EPA/DHA: These omega 3 essential fatty acids from fish oil can help to reduce the intensity of pain, inflammation and morning stiffness associated with arthritis.


Update on Fish Oil Supplements: You have probably heard about concerns with things like mercury in our fish supply? But did you know that many fish oil capsules you find in the supermarket (and even some of the health food stores) also contain things like lead and arsenic?? Like with most things, quality counts.  We recommend only taking a practitioner only brand of fish oil for the simple reason that they are usually the best quality, most rigorously tested, and cleanest fish oils around. For more info, talk to us. 


Look After Your Joints


Try these simple dietary and lifestyle tips to help keep your joints healthy and happy for years to come:

  • Stay active.  Exercising is essential to keep those joints mobile.  Try activities like swimming, walking, cycling, yoga and daily stretching.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.  Carrying extra weight can put pressure on your joints- especially the knees and hips.
  • Enjoy at least eight glasses of pure, filtered water a day.  Reduce caffeinated beverages to one to two per day and minimise alcohol.
  • Eat a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods to optimise your long term health and wellbeing, as well as support your joint health. Aim for lots of fruits and vegetables, unrefined grains and protein-rich foods such as fish, poultry, nuts and seeds. Limit red meats and sweets.


Remember, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Stay active and make positive dietary and lifestyle changes now to minimise your risk of developing arthritis and joint degeneration, as well as improve symptoms you might already be suffering with. 

If your joints have worn a little thin over the years, come in and talk to us today- we can help you optimise your joint health, reclaim your freedom and live the life you wish to lead!


PS- We can email or post you a reference for the fish oil testing, just ask

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