The Why and How of Eating Healthy

So often any mainstream news that you hear about health is that chronic disease is on the rise, that the waiting times for surgeries are increasing, that the cost of medications or health insurance is going up and up and up.

Nothing tells you that you have the power to do something about it. 

Yes, you read that right, your health is quite literally in your hands, or more accurately, on your plate! Changing what and how you eat is one way you can reduce your risk of developing any chronic or lifestyle disease. 

Here are 8 things dietary changes can help you achieve:

  1. Improve blood pressure.
  2. Increase your energy.
  3. Help your heart health.
  4. Improve brain and memory.
  5. Increase strength (lean body mass).
  6. Build stronger bones.
  7. Lower cholesterol
  8. Fight your chronic disease risk.


Of course, it is easy to get confused about where to start – do you quit sugar, try paleo, a meal replacement program?


Any specific health concerns aside, our simple tips for improving your diet (and your health!) are:

  1. Eat more: Whole foods including vegetables and fruit, whole grains and legumes. Organic meat and poultry, sustainably sourced fish. Healthy fats (avocadoes, olive oil, coconut oil).
  2. Drink this: Filtered water, herbal tea. Limit wine or coffee to one glass/cup per day.
  3. Eat less: Sugar (in any form other than fruit- talk to our health coach about the best way to do this!) and white flour.
  4. Never eat: Anything with ingredients that sound like they should be part of your chemistry lesson, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and sodas.
  5. What to buy: Fresh foods (you can shorten your shopping trips by skipping most of the middle of the supermarket), organic and locally sourced produce and meat where possible.
  6. How to Compromise: Follow the 90:10 rule. If 90% of the time, you are eating the best possible diet you can, then that special family dinner or outing with friends will be part of your 10% wiggle room!
  7. Learn: How to cook at home, read a nutrition label and chew your food!
  8. Know: Know your body. Observe your body’s reactions to different types of foods, and when food is eaten. Following a strict diet that makes you feel terrible and miserable isn’t worth it, no matter how amazing it is supposed to be!


Want to find out more? Just ask us, leave a comment, email us or call 9651 5559!

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