2 Dec 2015 10:48 AM – Simply Health and Wellness

Welcome to the silly season! We have put together our favourite ways to eat as healthily as possible during the holiday period, where tasty, and not so healthy food is around a lot more often than normal!


  1. Use a plate! If you are at an event where finger food is being served, try to find a plate (or serviette) to put your food on. This will help you visually keep track of how much you are eating, rather than mindlessly eating each time the caterers walk past with a tray while you are busy chatting!
  2. Get your plate ratios sorted – aim for half your plate to be filled with fresh foods and vegetables.
  3. Eat slowly and make sur you chew your food properly. This gives your body time to signal you that you are getting full so you can finish your meal satisfied, not stuffed!
  4. Don’t skip meals – keep your regular dietary habits. Eat your usual foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as you can. People who skip meals typically overeat at their next meal.
  5. If you are asked to bring a plate, make sure you take something healthy and filling (think vegetable sticks, or a salad, or a fruit plate). This way you know that there will be at least one healthy choice of food for you to snack on while you are at the party!
  6. Try not to add too many holiday “extras” to your plate. The trimmings that go with a meal (stuffing, crackling, gravy, salad dressings and cream) are usually the sneakiest source of ways to add calories to your meal, with the least amount of extra taste in the meal.
  7. Alternate alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks. Make sure that you drink lots of water as well!
  8. If you are offered or served something you don’t love (or like even), don’t feel like you have to eat it! Rather than ending up overfull with foods you didn’t even enjoy, eat foods you enjoy, and holiday favourites.
  9. Make sure you make time for exercise!

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!