Getting through the Silly Season – Healthy & Well!

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Tis the season to be silly! Time to unwind, eat, drink, laugh and spend time with those we love!
But while tis the season to be merry – it isn’t a time to turn our backs on our healthy lifestyle – instead a time to enjoy while being healthy & well!
Here are some of our favourite tips to help you stay on the healthy track and survive this silly season!

– Stay hydrated – Don’t forget to keep up the water intake – now the warmer weather is upon us and we are eating and drinking more – it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated!

– Don’t forget to exercise – The holiday season is no excuse to stop exercising. You will actually find you have more energy the more you exercise – Make it social and invite some of your visiting relatives with you. Haven’t played backyard cricket since you were 10? Now is the time to get out the bat and ball and have some fun!

– Ensure safe lifting technique – The last thing you want is an injury from lifting out the Christmas turkey or handing out the presents. Remember to bend with the knees & keep the back in neutral alignment.

– Try to make better alcohol choices – drinking organic wines and choosing light coloured spirits with soda water and lime!

– Ensure you have healthy food options available to you – suggest brining a plate of food to that family BBQ (Check out our Take a Plate Series for some healthy recipes)

– Don’t overeat – Just because there is more food in front of you then you’ve seen all year doesn’t mean you have to eat it all!

– Don’t overdo the sweet treats and ensure there are healthy ones!

– Get a friend to be healthy with you! It is hard when everyone around you is eating a lot and terribly, find a family member or friend to support you along the way.

– If you find that you have fallen off the healthy wagon – don’t let it be an excuse to keep making unhealthy choices.

– Don’t leave it too late – If you’ve injured yourself or worn yourself out during the Christmas rush- Book in to see one of our therapists to help you feel healthy & well and survive the Silly Season.

Have you got any tips? Leave a comment & share how you survive the silly season!!

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