Holidays are meant to be relaxing and fun… not a pain in the neck! Are you Travelling This Long Weekend?

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For some people, the thought of sitting still for a long period of time isn’t a holiday at all – but here are some tips from the Chiropractic Association Australia, to help make your trip more enjoyable and less of a pain in the neck!

Travelling by car?

– Stop every 2-3 hours for a stretch break – get out of the car walk around, do some star jumps- get the blood flowing again
– Stretch in the car – ask one of our practitioners for some easy to do stretches for in the car!
– Remember your posture when driving or sitting in the car- tuck your chin in and roll your shoulders back and down. Set an alarm to make sure you do it every 30mins.
– Use a back support to prevent you from slouching or overextending your back muscles.
-Keep hydrated- drink plenty of water

Travelling by plane?

– When possible- try to sit on the aisle to make it easier to regularly stretch and walk during the flight.
– Make sure you get up and walk about the cabin after an hour of sitting.
-Ask your therapist for some easy to do stretches while sitting on the plane
– Be careful when lifting suitcases and bags- always bend at the knees and NOT from the lower back.
– Do the plane stretches – roll your ankles and point your toes upwards and downwards- it helps keep the blood moving!
-Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water
– Pack a supportive pillow for those long haul flights to help keep your neck in the best position

Sleeping in a different bed?

– Try to sleep on your back or side and AVOID sleeping on your stomach!
– Try using ceiling fan instead of air conditioning when possible to avoid cold blasts of air on your neck and back.
– If the mattress is saggy- try putting it on the floor
– Have a stretch before going to bed and first thing when you wake up.

If you need Some more tips on how to be pain free and feeling your best for the holidays, make sure you see your Chiropractor. For more information please contact us on 9651 5559 or email
Have a Safe & Happy Long Weekend.

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