Busy, Tired and Stressed…. Try This!

Feeling busy and stressed is getting more and more common – and who can blame us with the hectic place of life? Here are our top tips for how to stress less (or at least handle it better!)

  • Scan your body for signs of stress – if you notice tight muscles, an aching jaw, shallow breathing or a racing heart, your body is trying to let you know that you’re feeling stressed. Try taking a few slow deep breaths, or deliberately and consciously tense and relax your muscles. If you’re dwelling on a particular problem, concentrate on possible solutions rather than the problem itself.
  • Start and finish your day with a meditation or mindfulness practice
  • Find someone supportive you can talk too!
  • Laugh often!
  • Try to get at least six hours sleep each night
  • Exercise, breath and stretch regularly
  • Let go of having everything done perfectly
  • Simplify your schedule where you can, and remember that it is okay to say “no” to things when you need to
  • We are creatures of habit, so create a routine for food, sleep and movement/exercise
  • Avoid stimulants such as tobacco, caffeine and sugar
  • Eat well – focus on whole foods to minimise the load on your body

Remember that stress depletes certain vitamins and minerals, including B complex, vitamins A C & E, manganese, magnesium and zinc – if you know you’re headed for a period of stress (think work deadlines, or exams or a crazy holiday period), it could be worth boosting your intake of these vitamins.


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