Stress Down Day 🙂

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Dr. Gabie Falconer (Chiropractor)

DID YOU KNOW…. July 24th is Stress Down Day – Here are a few tips on how you can take some time to stress less!

Are you getting enough Relaxation? Within our busy lives, sometimes it is hard to find that time to relax and take a moment for ourselves!

Stress is becoming more and more prevalent within our society due to the nature of our jobs, money and the media giving us bad news after bad news. Stress not only affects our moods but how we react to situations as well as slowing down recovery from major traumas to the body.

Relaxation helps to keep our stress levels at bay and therefore improves our health. Take at least 10minutes a day for YOU to allow yourself to not only improve your physical health but you’re mental and emotional too!

  • Music- Music is a great way to help relieve stress and any anxieties- it can often take you away from reality and allow your mind to wander, helping you to function mentally and physically!
  • Bubble Bath anyone? Warm water helps to alleviate tight muscle tension and just generally feels nice without you having to do much at all! It allows for deeper respiration and takes tension away from the neck and back – so you can drown out any stress you have! Add some Epsom salts to help with muscle relaxation.
  • Yoga- Yoga allows us to gently stretch and relieve muscular tension that we have built up as a reaction to too much stress in our lives – it also encourages deep breathing and blood flow around the body!
  • Guided Relaxation – Calm yourself and allow your mind to relax and try to think of little or nothing- this will help deepen your breath!
  • Get a Massage- Get those muscular aches and pains rubbed out to help you relax and relieve yourself of tension and stress that has accumulated!

Life is very crazy sometimes and our schedules can get really hectic – we often forgot about our own needs and it can really build up! Next time you’re looking at your timetable- make sure you make some time for yourself! 10 minutess isn’t much and can make a lot of difference!

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