Surviving the Silly Season

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With the festive season upon us, it is important to enjoy yourself without compromising the health you’ve worked so hard for throughout the year.
Whether you may overindulge in a bit too much of the Christmas food or drink, or racing around buying heavy presents whilst stressing if you have everything prepared in time for Christmas day.

Without realising, Christmas can be a stressful period on the body in many ways. So here are some simple tips to survive the silly season!

  1. Make sure you keep hydrated- with all the festivities going on, we tend to forget to drink water- make sure you have a glass between drinks or meals to make sure your body is staying hydrated!
  2. Keep moving- Go for a walk or do some stretching exercises every day to keep the blood flowing – it will give you some much needed energy!
  3. Don’t compromise your spine, for those big expensive gifts – make sure you are using optimal lifting techniques when buying or delivering those Christmas gifts.
  4. Listen to your body – If it is tired or you feel stiffness, pain or soreness, take a break and recharge and book an appointment for an adjustment or massage as soon as possible.
  5. Just because its Christmas doesn’t mean you have to eat EVERYTHING, remember moderation is important.
  6. When your having a few alcoholic beverages make sure you drink plenty of water in between to stay hydrated and eat plenty of food.  Try alternating between Alcholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  7. Try not to add too many holiday “extras” to your plate. The trimmings that go with a meal (stuffing, crackling, gravy, salad dressings and cream) are usually the sneakiest source of ways to add calories to your meal, with the least amount of extra taste in the meal.
  8. Sleep – with all the excitement and stress that surrounds Christmas- plan for some early nights and make sure your getting well rested sleep.
  9. Make your health a priority – We have limited massage and chiropractic availabilities between Christmas and New Year.

Simply Health & Wellness would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year

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