Ever wondered why you get sore after exercise?

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Muscle soreness is a common symptom that will often show up a day or two after exercising which can affect anyone, no matter your fitness level.

Why do your muscles get sore after you exercise?
This muscle stiffness and achiness is normal and will often go away after about 3-4 days. It is actually a sign that your fitness is improving. Sore muscles are physical activity, known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), can occur when you are starting out a new exercise programme, changing up your exercise routine or increasing duration or intensity of your regular workout.
When your muscles are required to work harder then what is normally expected of them, it is believed that there is microscopic damage in the muscle fibres, resulting in soreness or stiffness.

The good news?
This soreness will decrease as your muscles become immune to the new physical demands placed upon them. The soreness is a part of an adaption process that leads to greater stamina & strength as the muscles recover and build.

How to treat DOMS?
Unfortunately, there’s no one simple way to treat or even prevent DOMS. Nothing is proven to be 100% effective.
Here are some of our simple tips to help ease some of the symptoms:
– Rest
– Ice
– Stretching
– Remedial Massage
– Start a new activity gently and gradually

DOMS is a type of muscle conditioning, which means your muscles are adapting to the new activity. The next time you perform the same activity or exercise at the same intensity, there’ll be less muscle tissue damage, less soreness, and a faster recovery.
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